«2011-09-11». A PianoLog.

2011-09-11 (Standard MIDI File)

What are PianoLogs?

Well, you all know what WebLogs are: personal comments on more or less
important topics, published on the web for immediate consumation.

The Blog concept enables the (technically skilled) Web user to «shoot back».
S/He is now able to comment on the flood of information that s/he is
exposed to all day.

By doing so, the Web user becomes a more active part of the information process,
his/her EGO comes into play.

PianoLogs are pieces of piano music that were created on a specific day.
The basic material is improvised. The resulting MIDI data is
recorded on a sequencer, where I do some post-production work (mainly
cutting out redundancies and trying to „sharpen the image“).

I invite you to hear these compositions as a musical WebLog, as a poetic
comment on information.

Meta-information, if you like.

S. H.


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