Multistabilität in der Musik

Multistabil wahrnehmbare Zeichnung
Multistabil wahrnehmbare Zeichnung

Komponist Daniel James Wolf über seine Begeisterung für musikalische Kippfiguren:

… what interests me most in music … are those … forms … in which it is thrillingly unclear whether the music is breaking the rules or discovering a new … reading of those rules. […] It is thrilling in the same way that a Wittgensteinian language game can be when suddenly, after an extended conversation, it becomes clear to both speakers that they weren’t talking about the same thing at all.

Das Phänomen der multistabilen Wahrnehmung ist auch unter dem Begriff Gestaltwechsel bekannt.

Musiker-Leben 2012

Komponist Daniel James Wolf über das Leben als Musiker nach dem Verschwinden des kommerziellen Tonträgers:

So, after our strange and wonderful recorded interlude, most musicians are back to square one, busking and gigging, with our antiquated and ever-more costly mode of production, making music live for an immediate audience. And these increasing costs are making music an increasingly vulnerable profession.