Branca on living composers working with orchestra

Working with an orchestra for a living composer writing a new piece of music is very, very difficult. And the reason for that is very, very simple. Most of the music they play is music they’ve been playing since they were in high school, for Christ’s sakes. You know, they don’t really even need to rehearse it at all. That’s what the classical music audience wants to hear. If you give them an entirely new piece of music that’s – let’s say – an hour long, you’re giving them something that they really have to work on. Not only that, we 21st-century composers tend to do things that are very unconventional sometimes, not the kind of things they learned in music school, and that makes it even more difficult. Sometimes they say, “Fuck this. I don’t give a shit about what this sounds like. This is crap. I just want to play the Beethoven Violin Concerto.”

Frank J. Oteri: Glenn Branca: Where My Ears Want To Go, 2012

Auch John Cage mochte nicht alles

Leider habe ich Cages Kommentar zu den Arbeiten Brancas in diesem Video akustisch nicht komplett verstanden. Aber vom „Hirten und seiner Herde“ ist in jedem Fall die Rede (im Sinne von: „Ich, Cage, bin der Hirte.“). Kann das bitte mal jemand für mich heraushören?

Das komplette Interview mit Branca steht hier.