Postfeminismus, verständlich erklärt

Nadeschda Tolokonnikova (*1989)


I humbly hope that our attractiveness performs a subversive function. First of all, because without ‚us‘ in balaclavas, jumping all over Red Square with guitars, there is no ‚us‘ smiling sweetly in the courtroom. You can’t get the latter without the former. Second, because this attractiveness destroys the idiotic stereotype, still extant in Russia, that a feminist is an ugly-ass frustrated harridan. This stereotype is so puke-making that I will deign to be sweet for a little bit in order to destroy it. Though every time I open my mouth, the sweetness goes out the window anyway.

Nadeschda Tolokonnikova, Pussy Riot

(Quelle: GQ Gentlemen’s Quarterly)